Geektastiq Cypha Download 2016-08-31

Tyrannical Three

With a team of three we venture back into the realm of geek. This week Skindeep, JawzD and Doc discuss a long list of GeekNews and Rumours like Deathstroke in the next Batman movie and who might play him, John Legend being a lowkey TV production Midas, Steve Rogers no longer Captain America in the MCU, M.A.S.K. getting a reboot and more. We manage to mix in some comic talk and try to figure out… How does Tessa Thompson do it all?..

Last weeks #DTD challenge: Aqualad or Kon El or Blue Beetle.

This week’s #DTD Dragonball Edition:
Goku or Prince Vegeta or Piccolo… who you got?

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All Episodes of Geektastiq Cypha were recorded as part of a live broadcast on CJLO RADIO in Montreal. 

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