Netflix Acquires ‘Kingsman’ & ‘Kick-Ass’ Comic Publisher Millarworld | Deadline

Netflix has acquired a comicbook gold mind (see what we did there) in Mark Millar’s Millarworld. Known for creating Kingsman, Kick-Ass and Old Man Logan, geeks may know some of his other works; Wanted (that spawned a horrible film adaptation, for which Millar is not to blame),  Nemesis,  Chrononauts  and Supercrooks.

What does the acquisition mean for Millar’s creations? Netflix has done excellent work with their Marvel titles and if that is any indication of what is to come, then this could lead to promising new hero content, outside the norm. Millar’s creations have been known to be edgier and his love for telling stories from the perspective of the morally corrupt is both refreshing and fun.

In its first ever acquisition, Netflix has bought Millarworld, the comic book publisher founded by Mark Millar which has spawned stories such as Kick-Ass, Kingsman and Old Man Logan. Netflix and Mi…

Source: Netflix Acquires ‘Kingsman’ & ‘Kick-Ass’ Comic Publisher Millarworld | Deadline

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