The Crown Prince of Crime Movie in the works

WB and DC want to bring the Joker to the big screen in a standalone movie. Todd Phillips, known for The Hangover and Scott Silver, known for 8-Mile, have been tapped to co-write a Joker origin story. Martin Scorsese is rumoured to produce along side Phillips.

The studio has set The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips to co-write a script with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver.

Another interesting aspect of the whole story is, DC would like to make this part of a new division that itself would stand outside the DCEU, giving them more freedom with the characters and stories. The idea is to set the Joker origin in a darker gritty 80’s Gotham City, where crime is the norm. Much like Joe Carnahan had wanted to do with Daredevil with Fox before they lost the rights in 2012.

The Joker movie in development, under the plan, would feature another actor and be made under another budget category. At this stage, the story is set in Gotham City in the early 1980s.

At this time, only the fact that a script is in the works can be confirmed, but as we saw with Daredevil; a script doesn’t always lead to a movie.

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