‘Dark Matter’ Canceled After Three Seasons At Syfy | Deadline

One of two shows that Syfy imported from Space back in 2015, Dark Matter was received with much fanfare, along side Killjoys. Both shows were renewed after successful first seasons and the fandoms crew with every season.


Now after their 3rd seasons, Killjoys is continuing for 2 more seasons while Dark Matter will not be returning. The series is centred around a group of space rogues who wake up with no memory of who they are. They become a team and work on finding out who they were before waking up on the ship, all while trying to survive since they are also wanted criminals.

Since the somewhat successful petition for Sense 8 after it was cancelled by Netflix, fans have been taking to creating petitions for Dark Matter. The most popular petition to date is requesting that the show is continued either on Syfy or a streaming site such as Netflix or Hulu.

There will be no Season 4 for Syfy’s Dark Matter.

Source: ‘Dark Matter’ Canceled After Three Seasons At Syfy | Deadline