Geektastiq Cypha Download 2017-09-27

Perhaps all heroes suffer from Delusional Disorder

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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the Dead Heroes

Spectre  vs  Deadman  vs  Spawn

This week Doc, Tobi and Kalil from Perfect Strangers go in on the #DTD selected by Skindeep; Battle of the Dead Heroes, which brought up the discussion of omnipotence versus the ability of possession. Tobi reviews Canadian Jeff Lemire & Greg Smallwood‘s Moon Knight Vol:1 Lunatic, Doc breaks down Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman‘s 5 issue arc; The Asgard/Shi’Ar War in the current run of Mighty Thor. Kalil goes over Ozark, Narcos and the current interest in drug trade television. Hear us end off the show with quick discussions on why we don’t need an Underworld TV series or a second Coming to America movie.

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