By | 2017-10-02

Easily one of the best told stories, Old Man Logan took us into a bleak and dark future where the many years of battle had worn Logan down to a softer family man. However, the large gap between the modern Marvel Universe and the future that Logan is from has always been a mystery.

Marvel has announced they will be giving us a glimpse into that world; through the eyes of Old Man Hawkeye no less. If you’ve read Old Man Logan, you know that Hawkeye plays a pretty important role in the arc and now we’ll get to know more about the man who helps Logan along in his tale.

The monthly series is set to begin in January 2018. Click the source link for more info after the jump.

The series serves as a prequel to the wildly popular “Old Man Logan” saga.

Source: Marvel reveals comic book prequel series ‘Old Man Hawkeye’ – NY Daily News