Premature assumptions regarding ‘The Punisher’ release date fuel premiere delay rumours

With many assuming ‘The Punisher‘ would be dropping on Netflix on Friday, October 13th, the streaming network has stated no premiere date has been announced. Rumour has it that the show will, however, be pushed back due to the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas at the beginning of the week.

Frank Castle bka The Punisher, is known to be one of the more violent street level characters in the main Marvel Universe and some believe Netflix is pushing the premiere back as it may seem insensitive to promote a character based heavily on gun violence.

Netflix stands firm that it never announced a date, but to expect the show in the late fall.

Netflix, for its part, has said “We never announced a premiere date and have not yet,” not addressing the potential delay directly.

Source: Netflix May Be Delaying ‘The Punisher’ In The Wake Of The Las Vegas Shooting