By | 2017-10-18

This one comes straight from DC!

Ryan Potter from ‘Supah Ninjahs‘ and the voice for Hiro from ‘Big Hero 6‘ has been cast as Beast Boy in the upcoming Titans live action series expected to premiere sometime early next year on DC’s new streaming service. Potter is no stranger to the physical side of a role like Beast Boy; with a background in martial arts, Potter is easily one of the best options for the character.

Potter, has  shown interest in another DC character before, even going so far as producing a video as a sort of audition. When the DCEU Batman franchise was possibly considering including a Robin into the story, Potter choreographed a fight scene for the character of Tim Drake, the third incarnation of Robin.

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If you’re a fan of the Teen Titans comic or animated series, we suspect you’ll greet this news with a roar of approval.

Source: Breaking News: Beast Boy Claws His Way to Titans | DC