By | 2017-11-16

This one is pretty big folks, not only because it means more X-Universe content but because the character of Multiple Man is implicated in some very interesting stories in the comics and if they pick just the right one to tell, it could make for an excellent bridge into new X movies past the current slate.

Since Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have officially left the franchise, FOX has to make sure the next wave of X-Universe films are home runs. New Mutants, Deadpool and the current slate of X-Men movies also need longevity in an industry hell-bent on world building. With Gambit facing constant delays (I’ll believe this Valentine’s Day 2019 release date when the movie actually comes out and not a day sooner) and Logan gone, an infusion of interesting characters with limitless possibilities is needed and Multiple Man has multiple stories. One main aspect of the character is that his duplicates go off and live lives and can then come back and re-merge with him, giving him all the knowledge they obtained. Leaving the window open to movies set in multiple different genres and locations.

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James Franco, Simon Kinberg, ‘Wonder Woman’ Scribe Allan Heinberg Team On Fox’s Marvel Hero ‘Multiple Man’

Source: James Franco, Simon Kinberg, Allan Heinberg Fox’s Marvel Multiple Man | Deadline