‘All the Stars’ single released as Kendrick tapped to produce Black Panther Album

It has been a long time coming for black heroes to take the stage. Yes we’ve had Benjamin Sisko in Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Mace Windu and Finn in Star Wars films and a few black heroes in TV shows over the last few years, but with 17 major hero movies… Marvel has yet to feature a non white male leading role. Apart from them, no other major has produced a live action series focused on a black hero between Blade in 2006 to Luke Cage in 2016.

So with both Black Lightning (premiering January 16th on CW and January 23rd on Netflix in Canada) and Black Panther (dropping February 16th) coming in the first part of the year, blerds are celebrating what should be a pretty great beginning to the new year.

What is also great about all this, is the celebration of hero inspired music in the black community. Black folks knew that Black Panther’s album was going to be fire. Whether it was all original African Diaspora inspired or produced by one man, the movie was bound to birth a good soundtrack. So when it was announced that the Black Panther album would be produced by none other than hip hop’s golden son; Kendrick Lamar, many rejoiced.

Lamar added, “Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is amazing, from its cast to its director. The magnitude of this film showcases a great marriage of art and culture. I’m truly honored to contribute my knowledge of producing sound and writing music alongside Ryan and Marvel’s vision.”

Kendrick also dropped the first single from the project, which features the goddess-esque voice of SZA.

Want more info on Kendrick Lamar producing the album? Check it out at the source.

Source: Kendrick Lamar Drops SZA Duet ‘All the Stars’ (Listen) – Variety