By | 2018-02-15

Guest Post by Michelle Franklin

Sometimes miracles do happen. Both publisher THQ and developer Volition have had their own trials, and as the video game industry is rife with ups and downs, fickle sales and ardent fans, it is often difficult to say which publishers and studios will endure the hardship and which will be left to linger in the fond memories that their games leave behind.

In 2013, THQ was forced to shut down and liquidate their assets, but Nordic Games appeared and purchased everything that remained of THQ, giving rise to what is now THQNordic in 2016. Deep Silver, publisher of Saint’s Row, developed by Volition, moved over to Koch Media when THQ went under, and after the failure of Agent’s of Mayhem, it was uncertain whether Volition and its parent publisher Deep Silver would survive, but good things do happen, and THQNordic has just announced the purchase of Koch Media, bringing Deep Silver and Volition back home.

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