That’s Canon 2018 – Ep. #003 – Chrononauts Vol I (2015)

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Hello Fellow Geeks!

Welcome to Issue #3 of That’s Canon, Franklin Armstrong Collective’s newest podcast, focusing squarely on comic books. Hosted by Tobi & Doc from #GeektastiqCypha and Dave Koziol, co-creator of Trinity from Squared-Idea, the show was born out of the mutual appreciation they all have for comics. Combined, the boys have been reading comics for 40+ years and with all that knowledge, they plan to tackle the interesting, the abstract and the mundane. The show will help folks make a pull list, start a collection and avoid the stories no one ever needed.

This week’s issue will cover Image’s Chrononauts, written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Sean Gordon Murphy.

The issue also features:

“B.F.W”: This is where our comicbook nerd hosts discuss their Best/Favourite/Worst of a specific topic. This week’s B.F.W: Time Machines.

“That’s Non-Canon”: In this theoretical Thunderdome, our hosts create 2 teams of 2 characters that would never normally interact with each other and rip them away from their universe to plunge them into the gladiator pit. We then discuss and determine which team would win! This week’s unlikely duos are:

Hellboy (Dark Horse) & Judge Dredd (Rebellion) vs Punisher (Marvel) & Etrigan (DC)

More segments will be introduced in future episodes, check the That’s Canon page on for more info.