BIG Industry Show Heads to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The BIG Industry Show is due to showcase a vast range of innovations in the cannabis industry at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 30-31. The B2B show connects retailers with product designers, manufacturers and other innovators, to set trends for the coming year.

Whether you smoke it, vape it, eat it, grow it or have any other connection with cannabis, it’s likely that you will benefit from the BIG Industry Show. The event is open to all those with a business connection to the recreational cannabis industry. It provides over 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to the smoke, glass, vaping and growing sectors.

The 2018 BIG Industry Show will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 30-31. It will provide an enormous, business-focused one stop shop for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to discuss and set trends in the recreational cannabis industry for the coming year.

According to Statista, cannabis market sales for recreational use in the United States are projected to rise from $998 million in 2015 to $11.67 billion in 2020. The industry is experiencing such explosive growth that there is vast scope for innovation in terms of the products available. The BIG Industry Show serves to harness some of this creativity and spread the word about it, ensuring that exciting new products – and those who make them – come to the attention of vendors from across the US.

Dispensaries, grow shops, hydro stores, vape vendors and many more will be served by the thousands of industry retailers at the 2018 event, as the BIG Industry Show cements its decade-long reputation as one of the most exciting cannabis B2B events on the planet. Specialist products will include anything and everything connected with the smoke, vape, grow, glass, hookah and apparel sectors.

Knowledge sharing also forms a core component of the show, with educational sessions built into the two days of intense business activity. The 2018 event will also feature a mid-show party, on the evening of 30 August, following the success of the 2017 after party, which was sponsored by Formula 420 and featured Snoop Dogg.

BIG Industry Show delegates will be free to explore the latest products and trends related to the recreational cannabis industry, supported by a private social app, improved communication, constant business connections, a smart registration process and an interactive floor plan. The emphasis is on enabling delegates to connect both with industry retailers and with other delegates, in order to deliver a seamless end user experience to recreational cannabis users across the United States over the coming year.

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