That’s Canon 2018 – Ep. #005 – The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 – My Own Worst Enemy (2013)

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Welcome one and all geeks, nerds and comic lovers (or just podcast lovers) to THAT’S CANON!!!

This week’s issue will cover Superior Spider-Man (2013), written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Ryan Stegman. The story where Doc Ock takes over the body of Peter Parker. Catch your host Doc, Tobi and Dave discuss this arc with smiles, laughs… and in Dave’s case a little rage. Join us for some comic convo and laughs.

The issue also features:

Judgment Call: In the first round, two hosts select a character that they feel is unappreciated in their respective worlds. They each get 3 mins to plead their case to the third host (the Judge). In round 2, they take 1 min to take down their opponent’s character. In the end, the Judge selects a winner.

B.F.W (Best, Favourite, Worst): Spider-Man villains! Who is the best Spider-Man villain? Who is the fave? and Who drives you mad? for more info.
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