That’s Canon 2019 – Ep. #014 – Y: The Last Man: Unmanned (2003)

This week’s issue will cover Y: The Last Man (2003), from writer Brian K. Vaughan, penciled by Pia Guerra and inked by Jose Marzan Jr. One day all the males of the world die sudden deaths. From mice to men they all fall… except one man, Yorick Brown and his faithful monkey Ampersand. The question is, is this a paradise for these two Y chromosomes? or a living hell? To find out tune in and join your hosts Doc, Tobi and Dave as they discuss this unique take on the end of man.
The issue also features:

That’s Not Canon: Fight of the Apocalyptic Survivors:
Samurai Jack & Mad Max vs Judge Dredd & Michonne.

Curious for more? Well tune in and join the fun!

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