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This week’s issue the team covers Deadly Class (2014), published by Image Comics, written by Rick Remender and art drawn by Wes Craig. We find ourselves in 1987 following a young homeless orphan, Marcus Lopez. After fleeing his foster home, Marcus is learning how to survive on the streets with nothing but his wits, attitude and a pack of cigarettes. After being caught up in some random chaos and saved by a mysterious biker named Saya, Marcus is given the opportunity of a life time, to join the assassin school “Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts”…….but at what cost. Come join your hosts Doc, Tobi and Dave as they discuss this unique story of deadly education, youth, drugs, sex and death.
The issue also features:

What If: A segment where we make an argument to change the canon of a universe. This week, what if Beast from the X-Men gave in to his darker tendencies?

That’s Non Canon: A segment where we throw random combatants into the pit to see which team would survive, this week the battle of the assassins: Miho/Bullseye vs Domino/Wesley Gibsons

Curious for more? Well tune in and join the fun!

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