That’s Canon 2019 – Ep. #018 – BLACK (2017) (FREE COMICBOOK DAY)

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In this Free Comicbook Day issue of That’s Canon the team covers BLACK (2017), Published by Black Mask Comics, written by Kwanza Osajyefo and art by Tim Smith III. Tapping into the social commentary regarding the treatment of people of colour, specifically the murder of black men and women at the hands of authoritative figures, Osajyefo and Smith tell the story of a young black man who survives being gunned down by the police. Come join your hosts Doc, Tobi and Dave as they discuss the motivations, pace and story that goes beyond the pages of BLACK.

The issue also features:

Judgment Call: In the first round, two hosts select a character that they feel is unappreciated in their respective worlds. They each get 3 mins to plead their case to the third host (the Judge). In round 2, they take 1 min to take down their opponent’s character. In the end, the Judge selects a winner.

I’ve Seen Enough: When someone has been the center of every team and almost every major special event, maybe it’s time they got a break. We discuss one such character and see explain why we want them gone.

Curious for more? Well tune in and join the fun!


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