Kay & Them Ep.23 – The Solo Episode

This week, I @sok.kay sits down to have a conversation that is needed sometimes. A conversation with myself.
DO you ever reflect on your life and on your journey?

In this episode I discuss 5 questions taken from the “15 Life-Changing questions to ask yourself” article by Martin on cleverism.com

If you don’t feel like listening to everything, you can go straight to the questions:
– What are my values and am I being true to them? (5:49)
– What am I grateful for? (10:48)
– Is my social circle influencing my life positively? (16:23)
– Do I care more about how my life looks or how it feels? (20:48)
– Where will my life be in 1, 5, 10 years if I continue what I am doing today? (25:27)
I suggest to maybe, write all these questions and answer them truthfully.
Maybe do it with friends, and take the time to analyze your answers>
Maybe do it by yourself at home, just to reflect on your journey.
Or maybe just listen to me talk for 30, and try not to get bored lol.
Either way, your journey is yours, and if I was able to help bring some insight or help you reflect, or even disagree with me, then I have done my job.
This can be a conversation starter with yourself, me, or other people.

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