By | 2019-11-28

This episode is a throwback to an episode apart of the first iteration of the Kay & Them podcast. I hope you guys see the progress. Enjoy this episode guys!

Kay, Mattey and Joe, 3 friends talk about life, sex, love, music, and lots of other things.

In this episode, Kay, Mattey and Joe are discussing Love, Sex, the H&M racial controversy, Black Mirror and more.

Main topics :
6:03 : Do artists have sex to their own music?
15:23 : What is love? –> Love VS Sex (Mattey gets passionate)
44:53 : H&M racial controversy
53:10 : Reparation for slavery?
1:09:09 : Mattey was sexually harassed or a bad attempt at flirting?
1:24:57 : Black Mirror, Dave Chapelle etc.


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