NAJ Conversation: Being ‘Journalism Adjacent’ W/ Laura Beeston

Convo I: I’ll start off by saying I am not a journalist, the extent of my “interview” technique is talking until the person across from me finds something I say interesting enough to discuss it too. You can imagine when Laura mentioned she needed someone to interview Spike Lee for the 2019 edition of C2Montreal, that I did not think I was up for the task. Laura however did, and to this day, folks tell me I did a solid job of speaking “with” Spike Lee as oppose to speaking “to” Spike Lee. In this Not A Journalist w/ Brian Holidae conversation, I spoke with Laura about social media, news, journalism and everything adjacent to the industry. Enjoy this fun and entertaining conversation between me and the ever talented Laura Beeston.

In their own words: Laura Beeston never knows what to say about herself in short bios. The Winnipeg-born writer moved (back) to Montréal from Toronto after reporting for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and spending time in the Arctic with Statistics Canada. Her work has also appeared in The Montreal Gazette, Mirror (RIP) and The Winnipeg Free Press. She started at The Link. Today, Laura is a multimedia content producer at the creative business event C2 Montréal (May 27-29, 2020). She randomly tweets from @LauraBeeston  

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