By | 2020-01-27

Convo II: In this second conversation, I speak with Sam I Am Montolla about being a multi-talented artist, teacher and all around great person. From dance, to being in a group and finding her unique style through it all, Sam’s voice and passion for art and expression is never ending. Making this conversation on how hard work and building support systems help creatives grow.

In their own words: Sam I Am Montolla aka Princess Shayla (birth name Samantha Hinds) is in constant movement. Starting from her younger days as a dancer and through her journey as a singer/songwriter, Sam I Am has made a splash in the city, nationally and abroad. Presently, she teaches Hip Hop and Waacking at Urban Element, she is a Youth Worker at Chalet Kent and has been a part of Kalmunity for many years. Sam I Am’s focus is not only about expanding her artistry in music performance but about community building; she is involved in the collectives Loop Session WXMN and Femmes Phenomenales. With her own event “Let It Go” happening on January 31st, the first of the 5:20intheAM series, she shares how important it is to create spaces for culture to flourish. FB/IG: @samiammontolla

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