#GeektastiqCypha 2020 – S5E35: Noureen Pedrad or Nasim DeWulf?!


#GeektastiqCypha 2020 – S5E35: Noureen Pedrad or Nasim DeWulf?! was broadcast live October 7th 2020 on FranklinArmstrong.com/Live & YouTube Livestream


Discussed this ep: Recent MCU rumours from Reddit/4Chan (including potential Sinister Six in Spider-Man “Home Invasion”, Abigail Brand in Captain Marvel: “Secret Invasion”, Renaming the Shang Chi film and more). Then jumping into Prime’s Utopia the confusing season finale of HBOMAX Raised By Wolves, tackle the insanity of South Park‘s Pandemic Special and we ask “Did Nolan releasing TENET hurt theaters more than it helped?” Lastly we pay respects to Eddie Van Halen and Thomas Jefferson Byrd, both of whom passed in the week leading up to this episode… plus much more geek news and rumours 


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Special Note:  Kwanza Osajyefo was a guest on September 28th 2016 – Listen Here


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