Doc’s Guide to Montreal ComicCon 2019

Here we are again my friends! Another year another wonderful Montreal ComicCon. Now, since I’m sure some of you are new to this so sit back, relax and take notes because I’ve got you covered. If you’re a seasoned Comic-con adventurer you may have been to Montreal ComicCon, or Fan Expo in Toronto, BlerDCon in DC, heck maybe even NYCC convention in the fall or for the geekiest of us all…maybe even San Diego ComicCon (widely considered the “BIG SHOW” to most geeks). One thing that stands true through all these conventions is that they get crowded. The following is a guide on how to explore, shop and get the the best out of your ComicCon experience.

Scheduling: The first thing you should do is to find out which guests are attending and what day. Most conventions have their biggest guests come on the Saturday, giving them the chance to try and draw in as many attendees as possible (within safety limits) with their biggest names. Check the schedule, look up panels, check out the vendor list and make your own personalized schedule. You might have some conflicts once things get moved around, but that’s half the fun of Comiccon; you can only plan so much, sometimes you have to let the con guide you. For example, Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum of Smallville fame, were both expected at Montreal ComicCon this year, but due to both their schedules, they had to pull out (not before announcing they would be at Fanexpo with costar Kristin Kreuk though). If you bought tickets with plans to see them, you’ll still have Dean Cain, Robert Sheehan and Elijah Wood. Don’t let that discourage you though, it just means you get different stars.

Know the layout: Possibly one of the most important things to note. Knowing the layout of the convention isn’t only important for your safety, it can make getting around a breeze. Take advantage of the Montreal Comiccon site and all the links, because if you explore the site, you can find the layout for the convention before they release the official one in the swag bags (hint: it’s in the exhibitor section under Floor Plan). Once you find it, you can use the Exhibition Hall list and start marking off your main points of interest. Use landmarks like The Ecto-1 from GGhostbustersor the big Dreamhack Gaming Zone booth. Once on the convention floor, it is easy to get turned around.

Montreal Comiccon Q&A

Shopping: If you’ve ever been to a ComicCon you may have noticed that the prices for some items can be… inflated. It happens partially because the vendors are trying to make back the money they spent on their tables. Tables at Cons can get pretty expensive, so the vendors work hard to at least breaking even. Your job as an attendee is to be informed: if you have a specific comic you want to pick up, maybe a figure from your favourite game or even a shield, know your prices going in. With a couple thousand fans walking around the convention hall, service can sometimes be slow. If you’re negotiating a price on a limited edition Star Wars figure, for instance, you want to know 1) how much it should cost? and 2) how much you’re willing to spend to add it to your collection? The game has changed with the internet, so take advantage and get informed before someone takes advantage of your wallet. Plus, there is always the Sunday Fire Sale. When the convention is coming to an end on the last day, many vendors would rather not have to lug everything back to their stores or storage lockers. This can really work in your favour, especially on TPBs (trade paperbacks), mystery boxes, and clothing.

Food & Water: This one is short and to the point: pack some snacks! If you are going to be moving around a lot, whether it be from panel to panel or game room to convention floor, you will need to recharge those batteries, so have some food. There are usually food counters at the con, but again, those prices can be inflated and if you’re like me, you want to save your money for autographs and action figures, packing a bottle of water, and a couple granola bars can mean the difference between two Marvel Legends figures or one.

Health: This may seem like a weird one, but “Con-Cold” or “ComiCough” are real things. With that many people touching and checking out all this cool and interesting stuff at the convention, not everyone is cleaning their hands before they touch the merch. You don’t have to wear gloves, but you should do your best to clean your hands often and sneeze or cough into your elbow. Vampire routine still works folks, it isn’t just for kids.

All this to say, Comiccon can be an amazing time, especially if you go in with a plan. More info on the programming of the weekend-long convention can be found here, and for info on the early badge pick-up (expected Thursday July 4th) here. Happy planning, and have a merry ComicCon!

Marvel Hip-Hop Variant Collector’s Edition Vinyl Reissues via Universal Music Enterprises

You read that title correctly, Marvel and Universal Music Enterprises are joining forces to reissue vinyls of three hip hop albums with their Marvel equivalent artwork.

The first releases in this joint series, out December 7, are Iron Man standing behind cracked glass for 50 Cent’s incendiary 2003 debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’; the Punisher replicating LL Cool J’s famous stance on the cover of his 1990 album Mama Said Knock You Out; and Iron Man dueling Maestro, mirroring the cover of GZA’s second studio album, Liquid Swords.

Fans can pre-order the first three scheduled for release in December.

50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin’:

Released in 2003 by Shady/Aftermath/Interscope, 50 Cent’s debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, was the year’s bestselling album worldwide. It stormed to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with more than 872,000 copies sold during its first week of release. Featuring the acclaimed No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 singles “In da Club” and “21 Questions,” and the Top 5 “P.I.M.P.,” the album is six-times platinum-certified by the RIAA. The exclusive hip-hop variant cover inspired by this album was originally drawn and colored by Brian Stelfreeze for Invincible Iron Man #1 in 2015.

LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out:

LL Cool J’s fourth studio album, Mama Said Knock You Out, drew praise from critics worldwide, lauding the album’s hard-hitting, soulful jams. Released in 1990 by Def Jam, the multi-platinum album’s chart-topping and GRAMMY®-winning title track is an iconic hip-hop staple. The exclusive hip-hop variant cover inspired by this album was originally drawn and colored by Tim Bradstreet for Punisher #1 in 2016.

GZA Liquid Swords:

Released in 1995 by Geffen, GZA’s second solo studio album, Liquid Swords, peaked at No. 2 on Billboard‘s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The platinum-certified album is critically acclaimed, recognized as one of the best hip-hop albums of all time and as a particularly strong solo release by a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. The exclusive hip-hop variant cover inspired by this album was originally drawn by Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz and colored by Chris Sotomayor for Contest of Champions #1 in 2015.

Source: Universal Music Enterprises & Marvel Comics Collaborate For New Album Series Of Hip-Hop Variant Covers For Collector’s Edition Vinyl Reissues

Conflict Consumes World of Warcraft®—The Battle for Azeroth™ Has Begun!

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The tensions between the Horde and the Alliance have reached the breaking point, and the entire world of Azeroth is now consumed in the fires of war. Battle for Azeroth, the seventh expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s internationally acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft®, is now live!

Today’s launch signals the start of a new era of all-out warfare between the Alliance and the Horde, as players around the globe set out on a vital mission to ensure that Azeroth’s future belongs to their faction. Defenders of the Alliance are called to the kingdom of Kul Tiras, ancestral home of Jaina Proudmoore, to enlist the aid of their legendary navy, while champions of the Horde must seek allies in the distant empire of Zandalar, home of the ancient Zandalari trolls. As part of the campaign ahead, heroes will clash for critical resources in myriad Island Expeditions; draw upon the strength of Azerite, lifeblood of the planet, to unlock new powers using the Heart of Azeroth artifact; prepare for a massive confrontation on the Warfront of Stromgarde; recruit new Allied Races to bolster their faction’s cause; and much more.

Battle for Azeroth builds upon nearly 25 years of faction rivalry, history, and pride to challenge World of Warcraft players with the question of what it truly means to be a member of the Alliance or the Horde,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “This expansion is loaded with new content and features that draw upon that core conflict, but today’s launch is just the beginning—we’re excited for players to experience everything we have planned as the Battle for Azeroth unfolds.”

Battle for Azeroth – Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector’s Editions

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available in physical and digital standard editions (SRP $49.99) as well as a Digital Deluxe Edition (SRP $69.99). The latter contains an arsenal of in-game bonuses for a variety of Blizzard games, including the Seabraid Stallion mount (Alliance), Gilded Ravasaur mount (Horde), and Tottle the Baby Tortollan pet for World of Warcraft; an “Azeroth Is Burning” card back for Hearthstone®; a Primal Flamesaber mount in Heroes of the Storm®; Horde and Alliance sprays for StarCraft® II; and a collection of faction-themed cosmetic loot for Overwatch®.

Battle for Azeroth is also available in a retail-exclusive Collector’s Edition (SRP $99.99). In addition to the in-game items from the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Collector’s Edition contains a cache of faction-themed loot, including a collectible Horde and Alliance Double-Sided Mark of Allegiance; a limited-edition hardback of the novellas Elegy and A Good War, featuring exclusive artwork; and a Battle for Azeroth digital soundtrack. For additional details, visit

Each edition of Battle for Azeroth also includes a level-110 character boost so players can immediately head to the front lines and
fight for their faction’s cause. In addition, new players interested in joining the fray for the first time with this expansion can do so simply by purchasing Battle for Azeroth and subscribing to World of Warcraft, which unlocks full access to the original game and all previous expansions.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Features

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth includes new content and features that put heroes’ fortitude and faction dedication to the test. Over the course of this expansion, players will be called upon to:

  • Explore Two Fabled Kingdoms: As a champion of the Horde, travel to the empire of Zandalar to persuade the trolls to lend their naval might. As a defender of the Alliance, venture to the seafaring kingdom of Kul Tiras, home of Jaina Proudmoore, and rally its inhabitants to fight for your cause.
  • Recruit Allied Races: Take a new form for your adventures as several new playable Allied Races, each with unique racial abilities. Earn the favor of the Dark Iron dwarves, Mag’har orcs, Highmountain tauren, Void elves, and others to create a new character of that race and add their strength to your faction.
  • Plunder the Islands of the Great Sea: Set out on Island Expeditions and conquer an ever-changing array of enemies, environments, and objectives. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect each island’s resources and fuel the war effort.
  • Prepare to Charge the Stromgarde Warfront: Get ready to fight on the battlefields of a large-scale, 20-player cooperative Warfront to claim a key strategic location. Capture resources to build your faction’s forces, lead the charge as your troops lay siege to objectives, and fight the enemy commander to claim victory in this new mode inspired by classic Warcraft real-time strategy–game battles.
  • Infuse Your Armor with Titanic Might: Seek out Azerite, an invaluable new resource that has emerged in the Burning Legion’s wake. Imbue the Heart of Azeroth—a legendary neck piece entrusted to each hero by Magni Bronzebeard—with Azerite to customize your armor with new powers and traits.
  • Battle to Level 120: Trace the corruption of the Blood God to the Underrot, unearth the secrets of a lost titan vault, escape from the Drust Realm of the Dead, and more as you quest through 10 new levels—then continue to grow in power through new World Quests, raids, dungeons, and more.

To learn more about World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, visit the expansion’s official website at

Players upgrading from World of Warcraft Starter Edition must wait for trial restrictions to be removed (up to 72 hours) before using character boost.

Samsung Galaxy Users Will Have Advance Access To Fortnite Beta on Android

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alongside the launch of Galaxy Note9 – the new, super-powerful smartphone that’s built for gaming – Epic Games is launching the beta for Fortnite on Android. The beta begins today, first for Galaxy users.


For the next few days, owners of Galaxy devices will have first access to Fortnite Beta on Android before it’s more widely available.


Galaxy owners with Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9/+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8/+, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Tab S4, Galaxy Tab S3.


Advance access starts today, August 9.


Galaxy users can find Fortnite and install in Samsung Game Launcher app.


Galaxy owners with the devices listed above can start playing now.

All Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users will receive a unique Fortnite Galaxy skin.

There’s a special offer available for consumers who pre-order Galaxy Note9 between August 10 and August 23, 2018. Consumers can choose either 15,000 V-bucks with the Fortnite Galaxy skin or a pair of AKG noise-cancelling headphones—or get both for just $99.