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#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E37: R.I.P Taylor

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E37: R.I.P Taylor was broadcast live October 9th 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – N/A —————————– Discussed this ep: Extra Credits Anansi The Spider-Man, Todd Phillips’ Joker, CW’s Batwoman, DC’s Titans, Tyler Perry Atlanta Studio/Compound, Rip Taylor’s passing,…Read More »

#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E36: Fight Me or Buy Me

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E36: Fight Me or Buy Me was broadcast live October 2nd, 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – Battle of the Disney Properties: Star Wars vs Pixar vs MCU —————————– Discussed this ep: Into The Badlands, Hustlers, Jidenna’s…Read More »

#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E34: Gag Reel

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E34: Gag Reel was broadcast live September 18th, 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – Battle of the Fresh Inventors: Lonnie Johnson – Super Soaker vs Jerry Lawson – Video Game Cartridge  vs Grandmaster Flash – Slipmat —————————–…Read More »

#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E33: Live From The B(L)ackyard

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E33: Live From The B(L)ackyard was recorded September 1st 2019 —————————– #DTD – Battle of the Spider-Verse: Raimi Verse vs Amazing Spider-Man Verse vs MCU Verse —————————– Discussed this ep: After recording a podcast with Wizzy from The Running With Wolves…Read More »