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#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E41: Remember Them Lips

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E41: Remember Them Lips was broadcast live November 6th 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – Battle of The Imposters: Knightfall Batman (Azrael) vs Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock) vs Dark Wolverine (Daken) —————————– Discussed this ep: T.I.’s…Read More »

#GeektastiqCyphs 2019 – S4E40: This Is 1.7X

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E40: This Is 1.7X was broadcast live October 30th 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – Celebrating the Characters of John Witherspoon: Boondocks: Robert “Granddad” Freeman vs Wayans Bros: Pops vs Friday: Mr. Jones —————————– Discussed this…Read More »

#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E39: Podcast Avengers

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E39: Podcast Avengers was broadcast live October 23rd 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – N/A —————————– Discussed this ep: Titans, HBO’s Watchmen Pilot, DC Animated Feature: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, The Rise of Skywalker Trailer, Bloodshot Trailer, All…Read More »

#GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E37: R.I.P Taylor

Download #GeektastiqCypha 2019 – S4E37: R.I.P Taylor was broadcast live October 9th 2019 on & Facebook Live —————————– #DTD – N/A —————————– Discussed this ep: Extra Credits Anansi The Spider-Man, Todd Phillips’ Joker, CW’s Batwoman, DC’s Titans, Tyler Perry Atlanta Studio/Compound, Rip Taylor’s passing,…Read More »