Franklin Armstrong Collective – Best of 2017

It is that time of year, where the Best of list are created. is no different, and with a full crew we each thought we would sit down and give you our take on a category. Take a look below and give us your top list in the comments.


You should and could play
By SkinDeep

#5 Cuphead

#4 Uncharted
Lost Legacy

#3 Super Mario


#2 Legend of Zelda :

Breath of the Wild

#1 Horizon Zero Dawn


For your non geek friends
By Tobi







For those who love game OST
By Doc Holidae

#5 Cuphead OST  –
Admission To Perdition

#4 Super Mario Odyssey OST

Wooded Kingdom

#3 NieR:Automata OST –
Wretched Weaponry

#2 Destiny 2 OST – Battle Stations

#1 Persona 5 OST – Awakening


For beginners and winners
By JawzD

#5 Titan Returns – Hot Rod

#4  RiD – Warrior – Bludgeon

#3 Titan Returns – Overlord

#2 The Last Knight –

Premier Edition Deluxe – Cogman

#1 Masterpiece – MP-34 – Cheetor


Your geek friends have seen
By Brandon







Tessa Thompson Tweets interest in role of Alana from SAGA

Tessa Thompson’s ever rising star may just lead her to another dream role as “Alana”, one of the main protagonists in critically acclaimed graphic novel “Saga” written by Brian K. Vaughan

Above is Tessa Thompson’s response to a follower’s tweet (below):


Fingers crossed the casting gods see this one through.

21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell to Disney 

In a SHOCKING turn of events, and a day we never thought possible (but dreamt of constantly)… Fox could very well be selling off their massive catalogue, including to not limited to Marvel character rights, to Disney.

*NERDGASM* —- “….Imagine all the possibilities…”

According to sources, Fox is looking to focus more on news and sports, and less on television and film. With Fox holding the rights to the X-Men universe as well as the Fantastic Four gallery, many have been hoping the fox and the mouse could work together. If the deal does go through, fans may very well see the merger of the two universes.

The talks were no longer active by Monday afternoon when CNBC first reported them, according to one of these people. They were very preliminary and broke down over price and other key deal terms…”

Source 1: 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell to Disney: Sources
Source 2: Disney, 21st Century Fox discussed possible mega-deal
Source 3: Disney has reportedly been in talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox
Source 4: Disney Held Talks to Acquire Assets of 21st Century Fox – Discussions are no longer active and included Sky stake

Marvel reveals comic book prequel series ‘Old Man Hawkeye’ – NY Daily News

Easily one of the best told stories, Old Man Logan took us into a bleak and dark future where the many years of battle had worn Logan down to a softer family man. However, the large gap between the modern Marvel Universe and the future that Logan is from has always been a mystery.

Marvel has announced they will be giving us a glimpse into that world; through the eyes of Old Man Hawkeye no less. If you’ve read Old Man Logan, you know that Hawkeye plays a pretty important role in the arc and now we’ll get to know more about the man who helps Logan along in his tale.

The monthly series is set to begin in January 2018. Click the source link for more info after the jump.

The series serves as a prequel to the wildly popular “Old Man Logan” saga.

Source: Marvel reveals comic book prequel series ‘Old Man Hawkeye’ – NY Daily News

S̶u̶p̶e̶r̶ Black Superheroes: Rising from the Underground

Guess who? This black superhero has been around for 50 years, but only 3 black men have ever written him. Give up? The answer is…Black Panther. The point is, there is lack of genuine input from people of colour in writing about…well, POC in comics.

In comes former DC editor Kwanza Osajyefo and artist/designer Tim Smith III with their new series; Black, which will be a six-issue series beginning later this year, illustrated by Jamal Igle with covers by Khary Randolph. They are currently crowdfunding the series on Kickstarter, and with two weeks still remaining they have doubled(and surpassing) their goal of $29,999.

The tagline for the book? (According to their Kickstarter page) “In a world that already fears and hates them – what if only Black people had superpowers?” A compelling and intriguing logline, especially in the wake of recent events and happenings involving young(and old) black men and women. In that same vein, the main premise is as follows; “After miraculously surviving being gunned down by police, a young man (Kareem Jenkins) learns that he is part of the biggest lie in history. Now he must decide whether it’s safer to keep it a secret or if the truth will set him free.”

When recently asked the following question by Newsarama, “So in this world, only black people are superheroes — is that in terms of superpowers, or even broader in terms of non-powered superheroes like Batman not being permitted to exist?”; Osajyefo replied; “See, implications! You’re already working to grasp in your mind how the concept would play out. I consider Black sci-fi  before superhero. The capes and tights are done to death in comics. That isn’t to say such characters are off the table, but I think this story is grounded in a reality where someone swinging around on a wire might seem odd. But it is fiction, so anything is possible.” (see full story on Newsarama)

There seems to be a shift in awareness, acceptance and a call for diversity in everything from music to comic books to movies (*cough* #Oscarsowhite) and I am loving it. It means that now people are being forced to consider others, be it women or men of colour, for roles solely considered to be stereotypically white male. This change would be more aligned with today’s world and generation, where people from different cultures are mixing and the force that is social media has made that even more possible and brought us even closer.

I think the world is more than ready for this shift in paradigm and with the Black Panther movie coming in 2018, I am ecstatic for more projects of this caliber to start seeing the light of day. Cheers to b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ Black.