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Name: Dave Koziol

Title: Host

BIO: Born and raised in the suburb’s of Montreal, Dave found his love of comic books early on in life via watching TMNT the animated series and the infamous Adam West and Burt Ward’s “Batman” TV series.

This led to his collectors addiction starting at the age ten by collecting Wolverine and X-force comics.

As many of us do, Dave started to “grow up” pursuing studies and starting a career in accounting. After a few years into starting his career, Dave was contacted by his friend, co-founder of Squared-idea, G. Cristopher Nicholson, who pitched him an idea to co-create a comic book and thus started their journey in creating “Trinity”. While spreading the word about both Squared-Idea and Trinity, the troops of the studio were invited to speak on Geektastiq Cypha to talk about creating comic books and comic culture. This is “when Dave meet Doc”. After the show, Doc pitched the concept of starting a podcast strictly about comics.

Fast forward to present day Dave is a proud member of the collective adding his voice and opinions to 2 podcasts “That’s Canon” and the OG “Geektastiq Cypha”. He is also the co-writer and junior colorist of the comic “Trinity”, an advocate/supporter of Squared-Idea, an independent Montreal based company, and general supporter of independent art in all its forms.

Fandom(s):  Comic books (mainly DC and Marvel), video games, cartoons (anything 2d/3d animated), avid concert goer and music enthusiast

Collection(s):Comic books, DVDs, concert/comic/funky t-shirts, various comic book memorabilia, beer and shot glasses

Addiction(s): Deadpool, Batman and the Batman family, Red Hood, X-force, X-men, Green Lanterns, Samurai Jack and Venture Bros.

2 Truths, 1 Lie: Met Stan Lee, got kicked out of comic con by Chuck Norris, got caught in between a dance party between Deadpool and 2 T-Rex’s