Doc Holidae

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Name: Brian Doc Holidae

Title: Host / Founder

BIO: Known by many names but always the same loud voice! Doc has been doing Campus radio since he was 17. His first show; “To Much Drama For Yo Mama”, on John Abbott’s CSKY Radio was a hybrid of Rock & Hip Hop.

After graduating from Abbott, Doc went into Communications Studies at Concordia University, where in 2004, he started hosting a weekly Hip Hop show on CJLO titled Phantastiq Cypha

Doc would go on to become the Hip Hip Music Director for CJLO and win Special Music Director of the year in 2009. Not only has he represented the station and University at festivals in New York, Toronto and Australia, Doc has also represented Canada at the first International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland.

Fandom(s): Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Transformers

Collection(s): Transformers, New Era Fitted Caps, Comic books

Addiction(s): Television

2 Truths, 1 Lie: Has never done drugs, had dinner with Anne Hathaway after a movie premiere and once had drinks with GZA from Wu-Tang in a hotel lobby.

Highlights in Geekdom: The 2 times Levar Burton tweeted at me.