Twitter | Transformers Slag | Geeking out at the Tower Podcast

Name: Wendel Jawz Deadeye

Title: Host / Co-Founder

BIO:  JawzD’s knowledge stems from being a pop-culture junkie and a knack for learning new things. He has been a toy collector and a BIG fan of Transformers/ Mecha for many years. He’s also a big lover of music and movies.

His interests also expand into business history and technology. He will never be too far helping someone out with their computer or working on a DIY project.

He’s bringing his lateral thinking and years of podcasting experience on the podcast Canadian Slag Podcast, now the Transformers Slag Podcast and Geeking out at the Tower Podcast.

Fandom(s): Transformers, Gundam, The King of Fighters, Richard Stark’s Parker series, MacGuyver (80s)

Collection(s):  Transformers, Video Games, Comics, Building Block Systems

Addiction(s): Well engineered toys and video games

2 Truths, 1 Lie: Has eaten dinner with Gary Chalk, Gregg Berger and Michael Bell at the same time. Has beaten a few Asians in a break dancing battle. Has been told he has a very animated personality.