Hydra Cap vs [SPOILER] in Wednesday Conclusion of Secret Empire

Well, we all knew it was going to happen, that things would be made to appease the fans and the general public. While the world continues to try and understand the current state of affairs in the USA, the comic world has been wondering if life was imitating art a little too well.

Nick Spencer has been writing Marvel’s major summer event Secret Empire along with the Captain America related titles, building one of the most intricate webs of a story centred heavily on Steve Rogers having always been a part of Hydra; an organization affiliated with the Nazi party in the Marvel Earth-616 (the main earth for Marvel comics).

In the article from The New York Times, details are revealed regarding the final issue of Secret Empire. From the images provided, one, in particular, shows Hydra Cap is being struck by another Steve Rogers; one that was created by the living embodiment of the Cosmic Cube, Kobik. The Kobik Cap is somehow pulled into Earth-616 Marvel and will take on Hydra Cap. More details can be found in the NYT article.

Source: Captain America: Fighting Evil Again – The New York Times