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Geektastiq Cypha Download 2017-05-31

By | 2017-06-01

Summer TV…   – Download Available Here –  All Episodes of Geektastiq Cypha are recorded as part of a live broadcast on CJLO RADIO in Montreal.  Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Mixcloud This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the Arrowverse Heroes Arrow vs…Read More »

Geektastiq Cypha Download 2016-10-12

By | 2016-10-13

Welcome to the #POWERHOUR Luke Cage is another hit for Marvel and Netflix, listen to (Doc & Tobi) dig into the show and discuss their likes, dislikes (there are a few) and comparisons to other Marvel shows on Netflix. And as always,…Read More »

Geektastiq Cypha Download 2016-05-26

By | 2016-05-26

JawzD, SkinDeep and Doc discuss TV, Movies and more this month on Geektastiq. Catch up with the crew as they venture in to subjects like Hail Hydra, Batman v Cap in the war of the better trilogy and everything else that their…Read More »

Geektastiq Cypha Download 16-04-28

By | 2016-04-28

That’s it… we’re going to start charging these TV and Movie “execs” a consult fee, ’cause we keep giving them ideas and they keep making the money. Another Geektastiq has come and gone, but with it more discussions, predictions and a little…Read More »