#GeektastiqCypha 2018 – Ep.11: “They’re Not Cyborgs…Androids”

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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the PBS Puppet Shows
Puzzle Place vs Sesame Street vs Lamb Chop’s Play-Along

Host:  Doc / Skinny / JawzD

Discussed in this Ep: Doc being threatened w/ a gun, Lil Dicky & The State of Hip Hop, ESPN 30 for 30 – The Nature Boy Ric Flair, DC: Red Lion, Poor 80s Censorship ratings, Howie Mandel & JFL, Lil Rel Fox Series, Shia LeBoeuf, David Tennant’s HBO Series, Ava DuVernay & The New Gods, DeWanda Rise & Captain Marvel Recast, George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers, X-Men’s Dazzler, Men in Black Spin-Off and more.

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David Tennant: Coming to Jessica Jones Season 2 and Good Omens

It has been a big news day for David Tennant. Not only has Tennant been seen on set for Jessica Jones season 2; where he played the character Kilgrave (better known as Purple Man to comic fans). It was also announced, that he has been cast in the live action BBC series, Good Omens along with Michael Sheen from Masters of Sex, although this has not been confirmed by any party involved. Good Omens will run on the BBC in the UK, but will air on Amazon in other markets. Tennant is most widely known for playing the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who.

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Source 2: Michael Sheen, David Tennant to Star in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Good Omens’ | Variety