Geektastiq Cypha Download 2016-10-06

Welcome to Z’Isle

The whole crew plus an interview… AND a 2 hour show! What more could you ask for folks? This week we sat down with Lateef Martin, the creator and author of Z’Isle. Not only did we have the pleasure of his company, we also got to discuss the latest addition to this multi-platform project;  Z’Isle – a Cyclepunk Zombie RPG and it’s associated Kickstarter (that you should donate to now!). Lastly if you haven’t yet, visit our Facebook Page and watch the live #DTD discussion.

This week’s #DTD: ZombieKillers Edition (Sponsored by Z’Isle)
Rick (WD Comic) or Alice (Resident Evil) or Robert Neville (I Am Legend).

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All Episodes of Geektastiq Cypha were recorded as part of a live broadcast on CJLO RADIO in Montreal. 

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