That’s Canon 2018 – Ep. #007 – Punisher Vol. 7 (2004)

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Welcome one and all geeks, nerds and comic lovers (or just podcast lovers) to THAT’S CANON!!!

This week’s issue was recorded on April 28th, 2018 and covers Punisher Max (2004), written by Garth Ennie and illustrated by Lewis Larosa. A story where an aged Punisher is finally capture by the authorities and we find out a bit more about what lead Mr. Castle down his path of dark justice. Join your hosts Doc, Tobi and Dave as we discuss this arc and some of the evolution of the character.

The issue also features:

Judgment Call: In the first round, two hosts select a character that they feel is unappreciated in their respective worlds. They each get 3 mins to plead their case to the third host (the Judge). In round 2, they take 1 min to take down their opponent’s character. In the end, the Judge selects a winner.

B.F.W (Best, Favourite, Worst): Lair! Who/which team has the best hideout? Which are our faves? and which person or teams place is so bad you think your parents basement is more secure?

How do you find out? Just tune in! for more info.
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Geektastiq Cypha Download 2016-10-19

Doc’s TV Intervention gone wrong

With a crew of two the HMS #GeektastiqCypha sails into the world of obsessive television watching as Doc discusses all the pilots he’s been watching with Skindeep.
The boys discuss Better Things, Frequency, Westworld, Pitch, Macgyver, Timeless and gems like Insecure and Atlanta. Also we start it off with one of the more interesting #DTD. Lastly if you haven’t yet, visit our Facebook Page and watch the live #DTD discussion.

This week’s #DTD Anti Heroes :
Deadpool or Punisher or Wolverine.

Next week’s #DTD Horror Kings:
Candyman or Freddy Krueger or Jason.

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All Episodes of Geektastiq Cypha were recorded as part of a live broadcast on CJLO RADIO in Montreal. 

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