21st Century Fox & Disney deal signed with $52.4 Billion price tag

Updated Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017, 10:55 EST

The deal has been made, Disney has bought 21st Century Fox assets for the price of $52.4 Billion dollars. The deal went through early Thursday, December 14th and the entertainment world will never be the same.

However all of this is minor details to what those of us in the geeksphere were waiting for; confirmation that Disney now has the rights to the X-Men (and subsequent X-Verse characters) and Deadpool and his characters.  Sadly, although Bob Iger has stated

We’re also looking forward to expanding the Marvel cinematic universe to include X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool and reuniting all of the Star Wars movies ever made under one roof, which opens new opportunities for that franchise.

there is no word yet on what that exactly entails, as the Fantastic Four rights, are owned by Constantin Films. Fox had the exclusive distribution rights, which are now owned by Disney as part of the deal, but that only means the distribution rights are now with Disney, not the character rights. More to come on this as it unfolds.

All that to say, the time has arrived, the moment we have all been waiting for is officially here, Mutants are now part of the MCU. With Kevin Feige announcing 20+ Marvel movies after the end of this current phase with the untitled Avengers 4th movie, Marvel can now include the Mutants in their plans for future projects, and the fight over Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch can come to an end. With most of their characters under one roof, this will extend the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a movie dynasty the likes of Star Wars.

Speaking of Star Wars, this deal also means Disney will now have the rights to the sole movie in the Star Wars franchise, that was not under their umbrella, ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. Keep your ears peeled for that wonderful 20th Century Fox theme to reappear before all the Star Wars movies. (I mean why not, they own it right, might as well give the fans what they want)

For Disney, the acquisition provides new heft, and even gives it more control over some of the content that fuels its business.

Fox owns the studio, for example, that produces the ABC hit “Modern Family.” Now Disney will take control of the program, and benefit from syndication and other distribution of the series. The 20th Century Fox studio has the rights to make movies for Marvel characters like “X-Men” the result of deals struck before Disney purchased Marvel in 2009. Fox also controls rights to the one “Star Wars” film that is not under Disney’s aegis – the first movie in the franchise, “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

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