Geektastiq Cypha Download 2017-05-17

Guardians of the Cypha… 

All Episodes of Geektastiq Cypha are recorded as part of a live broadcast on CJLO RADIO in Montreal. 
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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the Guardians who aren’t Gamora
Drax vs Groot vs Star-Lord

Friend, writer and MCU fan; Cece (@sadgalcece on all social media) comes in to the studio to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Doc, Skinny and our ghost voice, Lady Quake. We break down our favorite scenes, characters and rate the movie. The #DTD is also GotG2 related to tune in to hear who we would pick (other than Gamora, cause you know she’s pretty much undefeatable). Lastly we cover some geek news and rumours.  #GeektastiqCypha. #VaginaSplinters 

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