Spinoff Pilot for Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson Character coming to 7th Season of “Suits”

Gina Torres is the type of actress that doesn’t need her own show but should have had one, ages ago. She has always played independent and strong characters with the confidence of a Kanye.

All this to announce that Torres will be featured in a backdoor pilot for a Suits’ spinoff focused on politics, in the upcoming season finale of the show. Suits, going into their 7th season, saw the departure of Torres in the mid season finale of season 6. Torres departure was to pursue an opportunity on Shonda Rhimes’ short lived series The Catch. Since that show has been cancelled, Torres is available to take on new challenges with one of her most iconic characters.

The season 7 finale of Suits should air either February 28th or March 7th.

The special episode, set to air in early 2018, will be directed by Suits alum Anton Cropper. Doug Liman, David Bartis and Gene Klein will serve as executive producers, alongside series creator Aaron Korsh.

Source: ‘Suits’ Spinoff Starring Gina Torres ‘Suits’ Season 7 Finale, Politics | Deadline
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