2018 – Ep.01: B(l)ack at It

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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of The Time Travelers

Marty McFly & Doc Brown vs Bill & Ted vs The Doctor & Companion

We’re Back! DocSkinDeep aka ActionFiggySkinnyJawzD and Tobi sit down and catch up before going into their full geek mode in their first episode of 2018. We cover Star Trek: Discovery, Agents of Shield, Black Mirror and Transformers: Titan Returns (Prime Wars Trilogy) before we go into multiple tangents while going over this week’s Geek News & Rumours.

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Hasbro Releases Statement on New Power of The Primes Jazz Figure

Recently Hasbro released images of the new Power of the Primes Jazz figured. On the figure, there are four Cybertronian characters under the Autobot logo.

Though the letters are only millimeters large, a sharp-eyed toy collector posted to twitter stating those characters appear to spell MAGA. MAGA could be nothing, but some speculate the small image could be a reference to Make America Great Again slogan that was made popular during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Hasbro’s statement was sent to io9 who originally reported the tweets regarding the characters.


It was brought to our attention that a graphic appears on one of our Transformers figures that, when translated from Cybertonian letters to English, spells out MAGA. We investigated the issue, and discovered that one of our vendors inserted this as part of the design without authorization. We are addressing this with the vendor.

We do not intend for our products to carry political messages, and apologize to anyone who was offended by this message.

Source: Uh, Is This Transformers Toy a Trump Supporter? | io9

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Retro Expo MTL w/ Daniel aka Protoman

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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the 80s Cartoons
M.A.S.K. vs G.I. Joe vs Masters of the Universe

In this episode SkinDeep & Doc Holidae sit down with the organizer of Retro Expo 2017 – Jedis, Marvels and Lego Batman?; Daniel aka Protoman. They discuss Transformers Cinematic Universe & Michael Bay, Comiccons and Modern toy collecting vs the Golden Age. All in preparation for Retro Expo MTL on Feb 26th in Montreal.


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