#GeektastiqCypha 2018 – Ep.18: “These Trees Be Fuckin'”

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This episode’s #DTD: Battle of the B list Love Stories
Cloak & Dagger vs Daredevil & Black Widow vs Storm & Forge

Host: SkinnyJawzD / Tobi / Doc  

Discussed in this Ep: Harry Potter Films, Reverie, Westworld and much more.

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‘The Machine’ Pilot No Go At Syfy

Sad news for Katee Sackhoff fans coming from Syfy. The NBCUniversal owned network has decided not to pick up the series The Machine after all. The Machine is based on a 2013 British movie (see trailer below) that focuses on an AI that becomes self aware. Also known as the singularity, stories of self aware machines has been visited in recent years with the films Ex Machina, Chappie and Autómata, as well as the recent success of Westworld, Artificial Intelligence has been a popular subject.

Syfy has opted not to proceed with its drama pilot ‘The Machine’.

Source: ‘The Machine’ Pilot Not Going Forward At Syfy | Deadline
Source: ‘The Machine’ Reboot Not Moving Forward at Syfy | THR