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Brian Holidae: Co-Host of #GeektastiqCypha & That’s Canon

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Name: Brian “Doc” Holidae

Title: Creative Director / Host / Founder

BIO: Known by many names but always the same loud voice! Doc has been doing Campus radio since he was 17. His first show; “To Much Drama For Yo Mama”, on John Abbott’s CSKY Radio was a hybrid of Rock & Hip Hop… (more)

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Dave: Co-Host of That’s Canon

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Name: Dave Koziol

Title: Host / Head of Diversity

BIO: Born and raised in the suburb’s of Montreal, Dave found his love of comic books early on in life via watching TMNT the animated series and the infamous Adam West and Burt Ward’s “Batman” TV series… (more)

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Jawz D: Co-Host of #GeektastiqCypha

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Name: Wendel Jawz Deadeye

Title: Co-Founder / Host

BIO:  JawzD’s knowledge stems from being a pop-culture junkie and a knack for learning new things. He has been a toy collector and a BIG fan of Transformers/ Mecha for many years. He’s also a big lover of music and movies… (more)

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Skinny: Co-Host of #GeektastiqCypha

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Name: Akil ‘SkinDeep’ Roberts

Title: Talent Scout / Co-Founder / Host

BIO: Akil ‘SkinDeep’ Roberts is a recognized music producer, drummer and overall driven entertainer from Montreal, Canada… (more)

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Sok.Kay: Host of Kay And Them Podcast & Co-Host of The Morning Detour

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Name: Sok Kay

Title: Host

BIO: TBD… (more)

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Tobi: Co-Host of #GeektastiqCypha & That’s Canon

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Name: Tobi

Title: Co-Founder / Host

BIO: …ask me ….(lol but seriously, I’ll get around to writing this soon)… (more)

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Wizzy: Host of Running With Wolves Podcast & The Morning Detour

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Name:Ian (Wizzy MoonChaser) Thomas

Title: Outreach Director / Host

BIO: Ian (Wizzy MoonChaser) Thomas is a writer, producer and radio host. He currently hosts his own podcast called Running with Wolves and is the co-host of Montreal’s first urban radio morning show The Morning Detour… (more)

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